Atlanta Homestead Exemption

Atlanta Homestead Exemption

Each year following the purchase of a new home used as your primary residence you are able to file for Homestead Exemption within the county that your home is located in. Once you have filed and received this exemption, you do not have to reapply each year, but will receive the benefit.  The only thing is, you have to file prior to the deadline of April 1st to receive it for that year. If you fail to submit your application before April 1st, you can still submit your application, but will not receive the tax break until the following year. For the City of Atlanta/Fulton County here is a screenshot of the requirements:

Atlanta Homestead Exemption

One of the major points being that you must occupy the home as of January 1, meaning it was purchased the prior year. Below is a list of Metro Atlanta county websites where you can find information about homestead exemption and apply online. In Atlanta, Homestead Exemption can save you around $1,200 on your taxes each year.

Metro Atlanta Homestead Exemption by County:

Cobb County – 770-528-8100

DeKalb County – 404-298-4000

Forsyth County – 770-781-2106

Fulton County – 404-612-6440

Gwinnett County – 770-822-8800

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